Brand Story _ MOTHERIS
We go through a lot from the moment we are first pregnant to
when we become a mother and we hope to do our best for our children
through many plans as well as through the birthing process.
It is every mother’s heart to want to raise one’s children without anything lacking.
Because we know mothers’ hearts…
We have ‘Motheris’ which was prepared with a mother’s heart.

What do mothers really want?
What are the ways to step closer to the mothers?

We have thought and researched long and hard
with the research group while keeping the heart intact.
Upon searching for ways to approach the mothers in a friendly manner,
we have made high-quality products that are made with eco-friendly materials that
can be trusted and bought at affordable prices.

So we have launched Motheris to become a brand that could trust and seek.
Motheris is a maternity underwear and goods brand for classy mothers,
producing and approaching the mothers with products with affordable prices
and of high quality. We promise to put our efforts continually
into producing products that are in the best perspective of mothers.

We make our products
with these three features as the basis